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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Bucket Shrimps

Cebuanos have always been about eating good food in unassuming places. That's probably why were big on fare like barbecue, puso, ngohiong and lechon. Ambiance isn't particularly important to us if the food's consistently amazing. So long as the restaurant is clean and service isn't particularly awful, we won't need a whole lot of frills.

In the last decade, the elite list of unassuming Cebuano favorites have more or less remained status quo -- Matias BBQ, Larsians, Luy's, Helen's Lechon, Rico's Lechon, Chinese Ngohiong, and Harbor City/Ding Qua Qua. But now there seems to be a promising potential inclusion --Bucket Shrimps!

Located in Orchid Street near CDU and Chong Hua, this place, as its name says, is all about shrimps in buckets. The shrimp, however, is really really fresh. My dad can't eat seafood from most restaurants since he develops severe indigestion from even the slightest un-freshness. But when we ate here, he was absolutely fine. I swear you can taste the freshness at first bite. Dad's not eaten seafood outside of the house for almost two years now. To me, that says a whole lot about where these guys source their seafood and how they handle it at the restaurant.

You have a few choice in terms of flavor. There's the ever popular butter and garlic. And there's the even more popular cajun. Cajun was my favorite! Very taco-y and tasty - yum! There was one more flavor but I can't seem to recall it right now.

Here, utensils are optional. You are encourage to eat on wax paper as plates with gloves on your hands. It was adorable - very bisdak, very lingaw haha!

As I was eating, I was thinking this could be one of the Cebuano long time favorites as long as they keep up the quality of their food. It was a perfectly unassuming place, very clean, had surprisingly good service, and the freshest shrimps in town.

They also serve crabs, pork belly, etc. But you go here for the shrimps.

To know more about Bucket Shrimps, check their Facebook page here.