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Monday, October 31, 2011

Driver's License Renewal SM Cebu

Since my last two posts were about the NBI, I feel it fitting to now talk about the LTO Drivers License Renewal Station at SM City Cebu.

I had forgotten that renewals were made every three years. I can still remember the agony from my last visit very vividly as if it were just yesterday. So I went into this years renewal with huge apprehensions. I was expecting to stay the whole day, just as before. I expected chaos, missing doctors at the health check line and barbaric crowds.

So I was pleasantly surprised to find myself holding my new license just less than two hours after I arrived. There were mild crowds that day. And the process seems to have become more efficient since I last went. The typhoon probably had something to do with the thinner crowds. And since I went on my birthday, the exact expiry day, I could have had a bit more luck than I ordinary do haha. Nevertheless, it was a good day at the renewal center.

I'm very happy to note that apart from the DFA in Cebu, this renewal center is getting good marks from me for efficiency, competence and speed.

I hope more government agencies follow suit.

As a end note, I had to get my car registration renewed recently. And the MVIR evaluator in LTO Mandaue refused to give me service because I had my smoke emission test done in Cebu City. What's weird is I had no problems getting service at the same station just a year ago. And I had my smoke emission test done in the same Cebu City establishment as last year too. Sigh... This agency is definitely not on the good list!