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Monday, October 28, 2013

Luy's Classic Tea House and Restaurant

Growing up in Cebu, there were only a few Chinese restaurants that my family frequented. For the quick fix it was always Ding Qua Qua in Mango Avenue beside old Rustans. Ding Qua Qua in the olden days served their dimsum and steamed rice in carts that went around the restaurant like wayward go carts. It was chaotic but fast and delicious. Undoubtedly, this was our favorite. For a lazy susan experience, it was always Majestic. I still remember the bird's nest soup. Yum!

In the almost 20 years that passed, food quality has declined for both of my old favorites. I've not eaten in Majestic for about as long. And while I still frequent Ding Qua Qua, I find it funny that the fast food arm -- Dimsum Break -- sometimes seems to taste better for a lot of the dishes.

Anyway, my point is the time is ripe for me to find another really good Chinese restaurant alternative. I need a Majestic replacement. And I finally found it!

Luy's Classic Tea House and Restaurant has been around for a couple of years. And I've heard it was good since 2 years ago but I never dared to venture inside since:

1. It's located in APM Mall. And if you're Cebuano, you know how scary/freaky it can seem.
2. It's sandwiched between KTVs. Scary #2.

Bottom line, the ambiance is not ideal at all.

However, while reconnecting with some Chinese friends from grade school, I was told that this unassuming restaurant was a community favorite. And if this isn't the best recommendation for a Chinese restaurant, I don't know what is.

So on a post-earthquake Tuesday, we found ourselves enjoying plump Hakao, Chicken Feet, Salt and Pepper Ribs, really good congee, lemon chicken and mango sago. Yummy yummy!!!

By Saturday of the next week I harassed my big brother to go dutch for a group of 7. We ordered Fookien Rice (saucy rice), Luy's fried rice, scallion-something chicken, butter and cheese fish, Hakao, Tofu-rolls, Patatim and Mango Sago again. Yummy yummy yummy!!!

There wasn't anything I didn't like. The Fookien Rice was a real winner.

We spent around P1,500 the first time I was there (group of 4) and P3,000 (ground of 7) during the second time. It's not cheap but the seafood is fresh, cooking excellent and servings ample.

Service is fast and efficient too. The owners oversee daily. And the servers are a surprisingly happy bunch.

Apparently the food here is Hong-Kong cuisine. Ambiance is just as busy and noisy as well.

I'll definitely be back!

Luy's is located at APM Mall, fronting SM City Cebu.
For pictures and phone numbers go to their Facebook page here.