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Finding good car repair services have always been mind-boggling to me -- because I'm a woman! Hahaha. I never understood how my car work...

Dog-Related Favorites

Lambchop is already in doggie heaven. And I can't help but long for a time when I could have another dog in my life. Now is not a good time because the house is infested with ticks! We don't see them but they're in the soil waiting and lurking for their next dog victim! They're nasty little fiends! And I hear it may take two years for them to completely go away. And that's why we're on doggie hiatus till then.

So to feed my dog longings, I've taken to obsessing about certain dog related things. Here are some of my current fixations:

1. The Dog Whisperer by Cesar Millan!

Tssst!!! When I have a new dog, I will be a true pack leader so that I will have a calm submissive dog. I'll use my hands to mimic the mom dog's discipline bite to get my future puppy to behave. And I will follow the three-step rule of exercise and disciple before affection. I got all of that from the show! I'm on my way to becoming a super pack leader, yay!!

If you love dogs, you'll truly love this show. Just watching all the unhinged doggies and the funny owners will be a treat haha. I watch it every Wednesday night at 10pm at The National Geographic Channel. Tssst!!! :)

Meet Cesar and his lovable pack by going to his show's homepage.

Cesar and some of his pack.Look how sweet the upside down pit bull is!

Cesar with Daddy. He's a lovable pit bull. Isn't he the cutest! :)