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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gold's Gym Cebu

Updated: March 2016

I'm getting fat. My arms and stomach have been morphing into blobs before my eyes. I really need to get my eyes off the TV and my butt off the couch. So when Gold's Gym participated in a Group On promo last November, I needed to not say no. A normal monthly membership fee costs between P2,500-P3,000 but this promo ended up being somewhere in the P1,500 range, so it was quite a steal.

So I trudged my unhappy self to the gym after a week -- frown, frown, scowl, scowl. I actually bumped into someone I knew and she asked me why I looked so troubled. I was not happy to be there, that's why! I really hate to exercise. On the treadmill alone, I look weird, I feel sweaty, I just can't stand it!

The registration process wasn't good. The girl who assisted me didn't seem to have any service skills. I had to ask her where I should go now that I'm signed and ready. Then she asks me: "Oh, are you going to the gym now?" Duh. I'm in full exercise gear - trainers, leggings, towel, and water bottle; what did she think I wanted to do? Service in Cebu can be too trying sometimes!

So no orientation. No tour of the place. No do's and don'ts. No pertinent information. Don't expect much from the attendants wearing yellow. Oh, and when I called days ago to schedule my trainer's appointment they promised to call me back the next day but never did. Point is, just don't expect good service when you come to Gold's Gym Cebu. Save yourself the stress.

A good thing though is that the basic workout facilities of the gym are nice. The equipment are very new. And the place is also very clean. I often see the gym attendants wiping the equipment after people use it. Only now did I realize that I should be doing that myself as proper gym etiquette.

I also don't want to be hassled or talked to when I'm working out since I'm unhappy enough to be there. And this is the best thing about this gym and the primary reason why I stayed on. The people who choose to work out here are relatively quiet and they're courteous. They workout in peace and they leave you to do the same. And for this, I'd recommend this place.

Do  remember to bring your own lock since the lockers don't have any. Towels have fees too. There are an abundance of paper towels and hand soap though, which is nice.

Gold's Gym has two locations in Cebu: 3F JCenter Mall in A.S. Fortuna St. in Mandaue City and 3F Ayala Center Cebu where Fitness First used to be located.