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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Shambala Veterinary Clinic

I've just realized that I've not written about anything doggy related in a while (I've not written anything in a while actually haha). So I thought I'd write about my favorite vet clinic in Cebu. This is a blog dedicated to my dog, Lambchop, after all. I keep forgetting about this glaring fact since food has apparently taken over everything the past couple of years.

Anyway...back to vets and vet clinics.

Lambchop was the first dog I had that went to Shambala Veterinary Clinic. They used to be located at A.S. Fortuna in Mandaue but they recently moved along Hernan Cortes Street, a shot hop from their previous location. They are at the left side if you're going towards F. Cabahug. Look for their original signage -- it's still the same green and white with the rounded lettering. They are nearer south of the street towards F. Cabahug than north to A.S. Fortuna also.

Lambchop was a very healthy dog up until he died of a dengue-like disease caused by a severe tick infestation. We went to the Shambala for his shots but that was about it. I had no real relationship with the clinic but I was satisfied with the overall service and handling of my pet.

Bacon, my second lab retriever, was a bit more needing of vet care as a puppy. When I got him he had puppy mange (don't ask me how, it still pains me that he suffered so young). He got into an accident and broke his foot a day after we got him. It healed just fine thanks to puppy bone growing powers but that accident revealed that he had a hip problem. His hips didn't quite pop out for it to be sturdy, so he had to be monitored for pain and possible hip surgery. After that he got some infected ears and infected insides that manifested in some skin diseases. We had to have that treated as well. Then we had him neutered. He had to stay a few days just to make sure he was healing as well as could be.

Luckily Bacon's very healthy these days. While the hip that never quite popped out needs daily, glucosamine is helping him live an active life. He's lazy to begin with, so maybe semi-active is a better word to describe his ways. That he can walk, run and jump now is an achievement in itself. Which reminds me, I need to book him an appointment for de-worming very soon.

But needless to say we were at Shambala for a long time during his first year with us. Dr. Garcia is the veterinarian and she's the most professional, competent and caring vet I've experienced to date. My dog is happy to be around her. When he had to be neutered and couldn't go up the clinic stairs, Dr. Garcia carried him up and down for two days just so he could sleep with her at night. I credit Dr. Garcia for the wellness that Bacon enjoys now. Her rates are reasonable given her vast experience too.

Recently I was pleasantly surprised to know that they called me (left a message) to remind me to get my routine dogs shots already. Not a lot of vets do that service like that anymore.

I'll have to confess to Dra. Garcia that I got the routine shots at the city sponsored rabies roadshow at my village last May. But I really do have to follow through on that de-worming at the soonest.

Visit Shambala at their new location along Hernan Cortes, Mandaue.