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Meatroll Pictures

Meatroll or Meaty is our aspin, who also happens to be Lambert's best friend. We had Meat before we had Lambert. And this is a picture of them trying to get along.

Lambert actually loved Meat on the spot. But Meat needed reassurance. He needed to know that Lambert would submit to his Alpha status, which is funny because he's a small short dog. I think he has a bit of a Napoleon complex. Anyway, watching Meat's love-hate relationship with Lambert blossom into a real friendship was one of the most wonderful things to watch. Dogs can teach you so much. :)

Here's meat "hugging" my hand. I think he was telling me to return Lambert from wherever I got him from haha!

Before Lambie came along, Meat would ignore us day in and day out. He gave us stoic and from-afar love. But when he had competition, he had to up his game. And he become more affectionate with us over time.

When Lambert died in early December, Meat followed three weeks later. We think he died from a broken heart. He wasn't used to not having a brother anymore. And he took the loss hard. Turns out, he loved him so much more than he let on. All that initial resistance belied a allegiance more powerful than anything we could have imagined. :)

I love you Meat.

I miss you everyday.