Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Fujinoya Lahug,Cebu

Branded as a Japanese Cafe, Fujinoya disappoints.

Let's look into the three category offerings: coffee, food and pastries.

A. Coffee

The coffee was normal. The best thing that can be said about it is portions are generous. Big cups, more sipping time, more energy for everyday shenanigans.

B. Food

I had a tonkatsu. And the brother had a curry. As with the coffee, the best thing that can be said about it is portions are generous. But the taste was mediocre. There was absolutely nothing special about it. It tasted like all the other tonkatsu and curries I've had in my life.

C. Pastries

And here is where Fujinoya absolutely failed to impress. In fact, this is the category that killed a repeat visit for me. The pastries were hideous. There were more holes per square inch in the chocolate ganache than Mandaue A.S. Fortuna road repairs. And the cakes were slumping, uneven and just plain sad. The cream puffs looked like they were haphazardly molded into a bad looking boulder. I really couldn't bare to look at them.

However, I did at least try to taste them. I wanted to give the pastries a chance. But alas, they tasted exactly as they looked -- tasteless and unloved flour creations.

Fujinoya, please fix your pastries. People notice that they're your unloved middle child. And a Japanese Cafe, they're quite important to go with the coffee. Please, please give your cafe more love. We need the food to have some love. :(