Sunday, March 23, 2014

BPI Credit Cards You Suck!

Dear BPI Credit Cards,

You suck!!!!!!!!

I applied for a credit card last December because I was interested to avail of your miles program. I got a letter that I was approved by January and to expect the card in 10 days. Two months later the card was nowhere to be found, so I called your trunk line. By the way: please change the way you want to verify the sh*t out of us just to get us riled up and angry when you we get to the actual person on the line. This is your same process for Globe. And you wonder why all your calls are angry?? Your verification process is long, dumb and  full of crap!

So back to the f-upped story. When I was talking to your card person I specifically said I was going to be based in another city (not of my preferred billing address) starting Jan. He said nothing else. So imagine how pissed I was to get a reason from the agent that my card was undelivered because "I didn't live in my house". Duh!!!

So your agent and I agree that I will get it from a branch when I visit my home city on a certain date. I repeated everything and he said it was going to be okay. When that date comes the card's not in the bank!!! Feeling like you all made a clown out of me already, I called you to cancel the useless piece of crap so I would never have to deal with you non-performing jerks again.

Two weeks later you deliver the card -- via LBC.

When I call your agent to confirm why this card was delivered, she asks me if I have a "Gold Mastercard" as a verification question. That made me snap so bad because what did that have to do with my inquiry on why was a card delivered to me when I cancelled???? You dumb-ass jerk faces!!!

Now she says this card has been cancelled so please perforate.

You LBC-ed it pa when it was cancelled close to a month ago already??????????

Ugh, I cannot stand you and your brainless people and processes!

So perforate we shall. I will never ever deal with you people again. And while I still have a bank account under BPI for reasons I cannot immediately terminate, rest assured that I will be putting whatever money I have in other banks as a result of your kagagahan.

Get your act together BPI! YOU SUCK!!!!