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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Helen's Lechon Cebu

Christmas is coming! And in the Philippines nothing says celebration than a delicious fire-pit roasted pig. And there's no bigger celebration in the Philippines than Christmas, so let's discuss lechons.

There's a lot of debate about where the best Cebu lechon can be had. If you've read my previous post on Rico's Spicy Lechon, you know that this is my current favorite. However, before I discovered Rico's around 2 years ago, there was my monogamous love affair with Helen's Lechon. 

If we're talking about regular non-spicy lechon, Helen's is still my fave. Some may argue that CNT, Carcar lechon and Lilo-an lechon are the better ones. But when Helen's does their pig "lata," there's nothing like it. CNT is a little too oily for me. And Carcar lechon is really tasty too. Lilo-an's I wasn't so impressed..good but not great. Helen's however has the perfect combination of saltiness, tastiness (lemongrass+garlic+onions inside) and crunchiness. 

"Lata" means to cook it until the meat becomes fall-off-the bones. They don't always have the time to make this. But if you're buying at a time when orders are not too many, try requesting for it and taste the difference.

Your whole pig also comes with free dinuguan if you request it. Don't forget to ask about it in advance if you want it!

Helen's is tucked under the overpass and the corner going to Salinas drive in Lahug if you're coming from Banilad Road. There's a orange sign above the store but you might miss it. However just stop at that corner and ask somebody, they'll know where to point you to. The place may not look very appealing but it's truly the tastiest non-spicy lechon there is in the city.

Helen's can arrange to deliver your pig to the airport to wherever in the Philippines. They charge a small fee for the delivery. And you can pay through them for the cargo fee as well. Delivery alone is around P100. Delivery and cargo to Manila is about P1,000.

To know more, call them at 032-2330003.

Happy lechon eating!