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Monday, November 11, 2013

Cronuts in Cebu

If you're wondering if you can taste the Cronut in Cebu...you can! International Chain Krispy Kreme has a few versions. And a local bakery, Brioche, offers some variants of the hottest dessert in Manila right now as well.

Wildflour Bakery of Manila got the idea - presumably - from New York. And they started introducing their version this year. It's been so popular that they've had to limit the number of pastries a person can buy in a single purchase. And their tasty treats have been selling out daily for many months now too.

Cebuanos don't really do food fads. But every so often a fad clicks for us. I'm not too sure the cronut will be wildly popular here. But just in case you want to taste a croissant and donut baby, rest assured that you can have your fix in Cebu.

These pastries are quite expensive in Brioche -- P100-120 per piece. I only tried the apple variant and it tasted just like a croissant like apple pie. It wasn't anything surprising or mind-blowing but it tasted nice. It also felt like a heart attack waiting to happen haha.

Happy eating!

Brioche is located in N. Escario. Click the link to take you to their FB Page as well.