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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Rico's Spicy Lechon

I've always been a Helen's Lechon kind of girl but a summer party I attended has helped open my eyes to other possibilities. And the possibility's name happens to be Rico's Lechon!

Rico's is a lechon place that's very near where I live. In fact, it's too convenient. I've heard that this is Joseph Estrada's favorite lechon house and that was enough to put me off patronizing it. Too judgmental and irrational, I know.

Anyway, first time I laid eyes on a Rico's Lechon stunner it was already cut open revealing slivers of tangad (lemongrass) and lots of chili. I was indignant at first. I always have issues with traditional recipes that are altered. And in this case the Cebu lechon was made spicy. The nerve!

One bite was enough to make me bite my own ass about this though. I deserved it, thank you very much. The very spicy kick takes the fatty edge off the roasted big. And it's just so darn addictive. I'm salivating just thinking about it! Aah!

For non-spicy lechon, I still favor Helen's oven Rico's (and CNT). You can ask Helen to cook the pig longe to make it extra tender or "lata". Helen's also makes the better dinuguan, or blood stew, in my opinion. It comes with the lechon as a nice extra.

But for lechon overall, I'm a spicy convert. Rico's wins by a mile.

For more on Rico's, click here for contact details and things.

They sell in kilos too but only during Sundays. Make sure you go very early since the pigs sell-out fast.