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Monday, December 31, 2012

Tymad Bistro's Black Forest Cake

Tymad Bistro in Maria Luisa road is now officially my favorite pastry place in Cebu! The pastries are quite pricey at P150-P200 per slice that I have to warn my wallet before I visit. But it's so decadent and delicious - you just know they're not scrimping on quality. It's worth every penny!

(Photo borrowed from: http://www.coolbeanmommas.com/)

I had first tried their rustic french bread last year. And I had been coming back for that for the longest time. Last week, my brother had dessert with some friends there and I asked him to bring me some pastries back on a whim. He brought me the rose flavored mille feuilles, black forest cake and choco almond pie.

(Photo borrowed fromhttp://www.foodspotting.com/places/305121-tymad-bistro-cebu-city)

The choco almond pie was delicious! I was as blown away by the rose mille feuille that just tasted so...rosy! But that black forest cake!! Ah, the joy it brought me -- heaven sat on my tongue and did a little dance. Yummy, black, precious, babycake. * Lip smack * Pak! Boom! Bam! Etc, etc.

In short, best cake ever!!!!! Eye-rolling in ecstasy guaranteed.

The cake is expensive at P1,300 for the whole round. But it's swimming in real dairy cream, chocolate and cherries, so well worth the price tag. No wonder this particular cake was sold out with people waiting in line for the the fresh batches last Dec. 24.

To know more about Tymad Bistro, check their site here: http://tymadbistro.asia/cake-pastry.