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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Mad Marks, Kapitolyo, Pasig

When I first moved to Manila, I expected every restaurant to be expensive. Coming from Cebu where a decent meal can be had for P150 per person, I expected at least double per plate here, approximately P300-350. So when I found all the gems in Kapitlyo, it was a good surprise to know that reasonable (and very yummy) restos can still be found in the big city. In the next few posts, I'll be writing about some eateries in Manila. I really really miss you Cebu! But for now, eating in Manila will have to do.

So back to Mad Marks. Mad Marks is a quaint restaurant in Kapitolyo that serves steak. The steak plate comes with two side dishes and costs P195 per plate. You get options in terms of sauce, cold side dish, hot side dish and cooking doneness. If the "healthy" size steak won't do, there are two larger steak size options as well. The healthy size is a little less the size of a 1/4 intermediate pad. Not too big but enough to make you satisfied.

The price point can't be beat. And the steak with the sides are really tasty as well. Did I mention this place also sells artisan ice cream? My favorites are toasted pecan and sumatra coffee. Perfect for these hot summer days! Just P70 per scoop too, pretty reasonable for it's quality.

The place is often packed to the hilt. Students and office people come for lunch. And dinner and weekends have a lot of families, friends and couples getting their meat fix as well. Tables are few, so come early if you can.

This place is also known for really good (and huge) sandwiches. I always come for the steak though.But if anyone here loves the sandwiches, feel free to let me know how it really is.

Happy eating!