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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Edgy Veggy, Kapitolyo

When one starts living alone, they realize that having cooked food ready three times a day is a gift. Cooking is time consuming and requires effort to plan, prepare, execute and clean up afterwards. So as much as I would like to cook myself meals everyday, it's proving challenging.

So far I've only figured out how to fry meats and make simple pasta (hehe). And I'm finding cooking veggies to be a challenge. I'm not even going to touch fish and seafood for now. I have issues with supply freshness at the grocery store.

Back to veggies. I've been regularly buying some veggies, hoping to saute them in butter. However, I always seem to forget I bought them and they end up old and moldy in the refrigerator basket - yuck. So, I'm trying to get my veggie fix when I eat out instead.

Lucky me a vegetarian restaurant is located very near where I live. Enter, Edgy Veggy!

I had a tofu dish that had cashews, fried cococnut milk toppings and mushrooms. It was sooo delicious. And I didn't expect it to be satisfying. I didn't feel cheated by not having any meat. My taste buds were in heaven. And I felt so clean eating a full veggie meal for a change.

I tried to visit for dinner one time and found it closed. And when I was there some items on the menu were unavailable. If the dish I ended up wasn't so good, I'd have a few issues with this resto's service and consistency. But the food is a real revelation and worth forgiving them anything.

Edgy Veggy has since closed on Brixton. But they deliver for a P500 minimum order. Know more here.

Highly recommended!