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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Cafe

I've heard of Maya Restaurant for a while now but A Cafe has only come into my consciousness very recently. I had heard some good things about this little restaurant and decided to try it for myself. The reference to Maya is because these two restaurants have the same owner and executive chef. They're also part of the Abaca Group all together.

                                                ( Borrowed from Zee Magazine)

When I first came in, I couldn't help but adore the overall look of the restaurant. It was cozy and elegant at the same time -- very minimalistic with a lot of wood for warmth. The entrance also featured vines and things (I can't explain it haha!), which I really liked too.

I had the skillet breakfast with coffee for lunch. It sounds like an oxymoron now that I've written it but bear with me. And this is what it looked like. Nice, right?? It was hearty and I was beyond full. This skillet had the most delicious bacon I've had -- ever. It also had hash brows, tomatoes, sausages, beans and eggs. Whew! I felt like a modern-day barbarian woman after that meal but I was very very satisfied.

The coffee was top notch too. A must try.

                                            (Borrowed from a lady from Foursqaure: thanks!)

The skillet was a but pricy at P500 or so. Definitely bring a reasonable amount of cash when dining here. But you won't feel cheated with the portions and the quality of the ingredients used.

I highly recommend this place for foodies with a hefty appetite. Enjoy!