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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Uncle Noodles

I first heard of this place from a classmate. She had pictures of the place on her Facebook page and I was immediately intrigued.

Cebu already has a number of excellent dimsum places. And there's a affordable and delicious option with the Ding Qua Qua and Dimsum Break outlets all over the city. However, when it comes to noodles, Chowking seems to be the only affordable option in town. Unless, of course, you'd be willing to go to the downtown areas for the authentic oldies but goodies such as Snow Shin.

                                              (Borrowed from A Complicated Melody)

Uncle Noodles is located in Mango Avenue in the same complex where the Zubuchon Resto is, so it's more accessible.

I had the Uncle Noodles special (at least I think that's what it was called). It came with drinks and siopao. And it was for less than P150 only -- yey!

Here's a pic of the noodles.

                                                (Borrowed from Foresquare)

It's more appetizing than it looks here. And I was very surprised at how clean and light the broth was. I have a favorite noodle place in Hong Kong and while it's undeniably delicious I also get an MSG coma after eating there everytime. They're a bit heavy handed with the Aji, I think. Anyway, I didn't get that same umami-induced coma here, so I think they laid off it significantly with their broth.

The soup was a little bland but I'll definitely be back. I'll play around with the spices available there. And I'm sure it'll be better with a touch of soy sauce and pepper. I was too lazy to do this the first time. So I'm sure I'll enjoy the noodles even more the next time around.

The siopao was not memorable. I didn't enjoy the bun nor the filling. I'm not recommending this unless the product improves.

But the noodles are a sure winner. And the place is tucked in the corner insides of the complex so it's nice and relaxing. It's quiet too. There's no airconditioning though, so manage your expectations.

Bring your family and/or friends when you go!