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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dong Juan

I just recently came accross this new burger place in Cebu since it recently opened in Crossroads in Banilad. I'm borrwing pictures from other bloggers. Sorry I'm not very good at taking my own pics!

                                                                (Thanks Ka Buena Vida!)

                                                                (Thanks Buy In Cebu!)

Apparently Dong Juan has been around for a year or so, maybe a little but more, but it's only been recently that it expanded to Persimmon and Banilad.

We were excited to try this place since there are few good burger places in the city these days. And we were pleasantly surprised to find a good quality burger all in all. The bun was nice and toasted. And the burger patty itself was beefy and good-sized. The mushroom sidedish was beautifully cooked too. Soft and rubbery just how I like it.

One minor complaint was everything tasted a bit bland. And when we asked for salt, the waiter said they ran out. It was their soft-opening day, so I guess it makes sense to run out of salt...

Anyway, this place was okay. I'm not going to get a hankering for it anytime soon just yet. But if I'll need a burger fix, it's an option.