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Monday, August 29, 2011

Sahale Nut Snacks

I've a new snack favorite! Well, it's been my favorite for a year now to be perfectly honest. But I've recently had a renewed love affair with it and it's just as good as it was the first time. :)

My new favorite tasty treat is Sahale's Valdosta Pecans. These pecans are flavored with sweet cranberries, black pepper and orange zest. It's savory, sour, spicy and sweet all in one snack. The spiciness of the black pepper, tang of the orange, and sweetness of the cranberries go so well with the meaty pecans. I love love love them!

I've tried a few other variants too, such as:

The Tuscan Almonds tasted like pizza. They were good and savory but the Valdosta Pecans still win by a mile.

I've also tried this variant:

The Socorro Macadamias were savory and interesting. But again, the Valdosta Pecans wins!

There are still a few variants to try. And they're all available at a Healthy Options store near you. They're P235 each. A bit pricey but worth every penny. :)