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Sunday, August 14, 2011

View From My Window

I've been so swamped with school work that I've not touched the Water For Elephants book ever since I bought it. Aside from my Economics and Accounting textbooks, the only other reading materials I've laid my hands on are Archie comics from the 1990s. After all these years I still love them haha.

I can't seem to bring myself to read anything else aside from my school mandated books. I feel a bit lazy these days to be honest. All these numbers and economic theories are messing with my sanity and energy. Economics is depressing. The Philippines has been suffering from all sorts of short-sighted economic policies and the prognosis is alarming. I've wept over the Foreign Direct Investments figures and Growth Levels for months. Accounting is too taxing (pardon the pun) as well. My mind was not meant to do cash flow statements and balance sheets. I'm too incompetent. My talents lie elsewhere, I think. Much as these subjects are interesting and fun (gasp! I can't believe I just said that), they're not easy to understand as a Communications grad. My brain's getting exercise fatigue.

The weather in Cebu has been rainy since last month too. It's bed weather all day, everyday. And that's hardly conducive to reading. To sleeping, yes. But to reading, a big fat no.

Sigh...I'd rather stare outside my window than do more reading. Boo! But check out my view! Aren't the cotton candy pink and purple clouds too cute for words??? :)