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Friday, July 8, 2011

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

The Postmistress

I finally finished the book! It took so much longer than I expected and wanted. The story wasn't strong enough to hold my attention, unfortunately. It was promising. And there were some really good parts. As I was reading, I was sufficiently entertained. But once I took a break, the story didn't compel me to immediately get back into it.

The story revolves around three ladies. There's the postmistress, Iris. Then, there's the reporter trying to get the world to notice the German invasion of Europe, Frances. And finally, there's the young bride, Emma. Their individual stories are good. And their specific characters are strong. But much of the story talks about the war and a reporters flailing efforts to get America to take notice of it, only to end up being about how the lives of these three women connect around a bunch of letters. I found it a little lame. The entire plot didn't tie anything together. And the ending was disappointing.

This book is good for a light read. If you're waiting for your plane, train or bus, this is a okay novel to have. But if you're looking for something earth-shatteringly good, try something else.