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Saturday, April 16, 2016

Best Massage Places in Cebu

One of the best things about living in the Philippines is cheap pampering, massages in particular.

My all-time best ones have been on the Boracay beachfront at dusk for less than P300. The massage is a traditional hilot that's so delicious after all that swimming. And the setting just can't be beat. No ambiance can be better than the sea breeze and the multi-colored sky as it approaches twilight. You smell like coconut oil and sea salt after too. It's absolutely divine!

I am a fan of deluxe pampering too but the costs are prohibitive. So my sojourns here are either meticulously planned (a personal treat to save for) or out of desperation (severely stressed). I haven't gone as far as the Chi Spa (a dream!) but I enjoy The Spa in Manila when I can afford it. The Fort continues to be the best location for me. There the showers, sauna and heated pools can be availed. And the P820 shared room massage can had as well. I only realized that this wasn't available everywhere when I booked the same service at The Spa Eastwood and was told - as I was about to go in - that they only had suites for a minimum of P1,600 there. I was desperate enough to go through with it and enjoyed the solitude and decadence of a personal suite. So much so that I booked another one at The Spa Shangri-la a few months later.

Generally, though, I go for the cheaper options for my usual massage fix. Luckily, there are many good places in Cebu. Here are my favorites, ranked accordingly:

1. Holiday Gym and Spa

Service: Aromatherapy Oil Massage
Price: P450
Inclusions: Sauna, Shower

Best massage in Cebu! Consistent massage quality through the years, irregardless of therapists. They do a great set of stretching for the final "cool down" and it's effective and quite the experience too. The full body stretch where the therapist hoists you up to a superman pose is funny and always puts me in a good mood.

2. Medifinger Spa

Service: Thai Massage
Price: Less than P300, less with the early afternoon promo
Inclusions: Foot bath

This is my best bet for a non-oil massage. They are really good with the pressure points and I do feel physically better after a session there. There are specific pressure points that are painful, inner thigh and lower legs for me, but the therapists are mindful not to linger on a point too long to make you uncomfortable. My body  always feels better circulated and less rusty after a massage at Medi.

3. Grand Royal Spa

Service: Foot and Back Massage
Price: Less than P300, less with the early afternoon promo
Inclusions: None

On days when you don't feel like getting the full massage experience (you're too lazy to get out of your clothes), giving your feet and back attention can be satisfying enough. If you're not massage-prude, you might want to consider getting a guy therapist for this particular service. Guys have stronger hands and that does wonders for the feet and back.

On a side-note, my all-time favorite cheapo massage is TonTon's. They are by-far the most consistent, most healing and most-relaxing spa with the most reasonable price. I can't find them in Cebu though as most of their branches are in Manila.

Happy pampering!