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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Simply J's

I've seen this sweet looking new resto for a while now and I've always been curious about it. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to eat there while catching up with some friends.

I was going in with high expectations because the friend I was meeting had eaten there previously and she had so many good things to say about the food. She enticed me to go with her there with the cheese fondue. I've not had cheese fondue in a long time. And if my memory is right, I've never ever had one in a resto. I think I've had some at parties only.

Also I had been in a restaurant recently that offered a P650 Raclette (not sure if I got the name right) cheese fondue dish. I didn't try it since it was very pricey but I asked my chef friend about this brand and he said it was pretty good. I was expecting a similar kind of fondue going in to Simply J's. And was I ever wrong.

That's why we should never assume things. Assume spells out to making an ass-of-u-and-me.And that's exactly how I felt about my well anticipated dinner.

That said, I was very disappointed with the fondue I was staring face-to-face with that night. The cheese was runny as water. And it was cheap tasting. The croutons for dunking tasted like cardboard. And while croutons should be made from stale bread, they're not supposed to taste stale.

The rest of the food was affected by the fondue castatrophe, unfortunately. I couldn't get past it and I had bad things to say about all the other dishes that came to the table. I can't remember if I was near my period at the time. Maybe I was hormonal.

Anyway, the fish with lemon was okay. But for some reason I couldn't finish it. The pork chop with herbs (one of the bestsellers, similar concept to Balamban liempo) was really tasty. But after eating two strips I tasted improperly defrosted meat. Yech.

The meal was unsatisfactory, which is why I can't even remember the names of the dishes. Sorry.

However, the place is packed every night. Reservations will help ensure you get tables. So maybe I'm really the problem here.

For more info about Simply J's, click their FB page here.