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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Beat The Reaper by Josh Bazell

After posts on cuddly things and nail polish, it's back to books!

Beat The Reaper starts off by introducing you to Dr. Peter Brown. In the opening scene he beats the shit out of the poor guy who had the gall to try to rob him. He let him live though. But he left him hanging by a thread, broken body and all.

Dr. Brown has secrets...deep, dark and tragic. He lost his family through murder. He was a mob hit man for a significant part of his life. And he was nearly saved by love. But that turned out to be the biggest tragedy of all. It doesn't go as planned but it changes him.

The love experience leads him to make the decision to get out of the mafia. He gets into the government witness protection program and starts a new life as a doctor.  He's good at it. And while his past still haunts him, he's doing okay.

The only problem is, the mafia's still out looking for him. And in the book, an ailing mafia boss recognizes him in the hospital. And that's when the craziness begins.

The story unfolds to be a lot of things. It's devastating, sad, ridiculously funny, gory and overall very weird. But there's a lot of hope in all this madness. And you'll find yourself caught in all the drama, action and comedy of it all.

This book isn't a heavy read. It'll get your brain working a little bit because the story telling is a little cryptic. But, in all, it's fun and enjoyable.

                                   I bought mine at Fully Booked Cebu for only P315. A good read at a great price! You can get a copy at Amazon too.

Here is a review from the New York Times if you want to know more about the story. You can also go to the book's home page here. Happy reading! Let me know if you liked it. :)