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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana

Today the family was feeling up for a new food adventure!

We were supposed to go to Skillet Japanese Cafe for lunch, Facebook here. We had made it to Norkis Cyberpark in A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue to find the place closed. I didn't scroll down to the FB post that says they are on soft opening and will be open for dinner only, 5pm to 11pm. Skillet, maybe you'll consider putting your working hours on the "about" section of your FB page too - makes it easier for us to see it upfront. The chicken pot pie here was supposed to be really good, so that was a bit disappointing. We stared at the closed sign for a good 30 seconds.

We did end up eating at La Nostra Pizzeria Napoletana in Streetscape, Maria Luisa road. I had never been to Streetscape before and I was surprised to find it too close to Maria Luisa Subdivision. The poor residents have to cope with too much traffic as it is; but perhaps they don't really mind. I'll stop worrying about it.

Overall rating: Good, might come back.

Prices: Reasonable ( Pizza P380-590, Pasta P280-350)

Service: Very good, food turnaround was quick

Food: Good

Dishes Tried: Pizza Neopoletana, Pizza La Nostra, Vongole Pasta and Carbonara Pasta


- The pizza crusts had a nice bite to them. I really enjoyed that it "fought back" enough. It was earthy and tasty. Really nice!

- The Pizza Neopoletana was my favorite.This was a tomato sauce pizza with basil and thyme (I
   think!). It was simple and well-rounded.

- The Pizza Nostra was okay. The family enjoyed it but I didn't like the meat (ham or prosciutto).
   I found it a bit too bland.

- The pastas were bland. It was too simple too, lacked complexity and flavor depth. It needs    
   something -- a herb or more garlic maybe. Bottom line is, Mary Grace has better pasta dishes than
   them. One may argue that my taste buds may be too Filipino but I had no complaints with the real      Italian pastas when I had them in various places in Italy.

To know more, check La Nostra's Facebook page, here.