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Friday, January 31, 2014

Cafe Egao Talamban

Cafe Egao is a Japanese coffee place that serves a few meals as well. They're located along Talamban road before you reach Cabancalan.

I know there are many Korean coffee shops that are opening in the metro these days. They're all cutesy -- colorful and sweet -- and great to hang-out in. But if you're over 27, these places will tend to make you feel like you're revisiting your teeny bopper years. So, if you want a cafe experience that's a bit more grown and raw, you might want to try Cafe Egao.

The food wasn't particularly good but it was filling. The coffee, on the other hand, was very interesting. You get to see the process of roasting the beans and making the coffee over fire. In the same way that Japanese coffee juggernaut UCC uses a unique siphoning system for making their coffee, Cafe Egao uses a unique process as well -- albeit a bit more back to basics than futuristic. It reminds me of how coffee is made in the Philippine provinces by toasting rice.

The coffee is pretty food great. But ultimately you come for the ambiance. The cafe is quirky and full of character. The Japanese owner is there most times. And he personally attends to your food. He obviously loves his business. And that, I feel, is the heart and appeal of this cafe.

Give it a chance. :)

To know more, visit their Facebook page here.