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Friday, November 5, 2010

Mort by Terry Pratchett


This book begins with Mort, a good but supposed wallflower of a boy. His father decides to have him get an apprenticeship to make him more of a man. When they go to town to offer him up, nobody wants him. Even for the lamest job, he is overlooked. Then Death comes. He's looking for an apprentice too, and Mort was the only one left, so he was perfect.

A funny fantasy about Death's world and personality. Here he has a daughter and aspires to be fast order cook. Mort makes him aspire to be human. He suddenly gets second thoughts about the life he's been given and decides that he needs a change and a chance to have personal fulfillment. After all, he says, he didn't choose this occupation, it was imposed. And he deserved to live life on his terms!

This book also chronicles Mort's transformation from a wallflower to a man. He learns to assert himself and take charge. He learns to live life on his own terms as well, not just as an apprentice.
A very light read. Cute.

A book for the fantasy lovers.