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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Cebu's Water Shortage, April 2016

It's been two days without water for us. In my 10 years of living in this subdivision, this hasn't happened yet. Did I mention this water shortage isn't a result of El Nino? That's right. This is because the village water pump needs repair. And we're lucky, I really know that. But it's been two days and counting for us. Three days and counting for those that live up the hill. I'm starting to feel desperation creep in. We've started catching faucet drips for hours on end -- it's that bad.

When news of the water shortage in Cebu circulated a few months ago, I thought little of it. Cebu always had a water shortage. And besides, a few hours of water interruption wasn't a huge torture. I could easily survive that.However, the two day waterless situation I find myself in now reminds me that water is a huge deal. it's actually THE Deal. And life's pure misery without it.

The one fun thing that happened as a result of this shortage was me bathing outside with my clothes on. It seemed cleaner than the bathroom. And the water outside felt cleaner (perception). I vaguely have an unverified memory of doing this once in a river. I was a very young kid, less than 7 maybe. At that time the village where one of my parents grew up had no plumbing yet, so we needed to bathe in the river. Today's little endeavor felt scandalous though! Trying to wash my behind in open space in broad daylight was a tad nasty! But it was fun haha!

On the whole, though, there's nothing fun about having no water! Case in point:
  • Suspicious cleanliness of the downstairs bathroom. The entire household needs to use this one bathroom to make it easy to clean. With two brothers who remind me of Pigpen, it's a struggle. My other brother let out a "splatter bomb" earlier too. *Shudder*  
  • Bathing restrictions
  • If I get diarrhea or my period, I'm doomed.
  • Dying plants
  • Stinky pets
  • Less pooping (seriously) 
  • Limited use of paraphernalia that need washing (eating and drinking utensils mainly)

I love you water, please come back!! Sob.