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Monday, December 31, 2012

Annoyed at Irie Gastropuliko

Post-note 1/20/13:

I just had an awful experience trying to pay my bill here tonight. I have a debit card that has a credit card feature (no need to input your pin for convenience). I've had this card more than a year now and I use it all the time. It has never caused me problems. Ever.

The lady who facilitated my payment didn't seem to know how to use their console for a card like this. She kept insisting that I input my pin. I kept insisting that she treat it as a credit card. She didn't seem to know how to do that. She tried to get her manager to help but he just hung around not doing anything. I don't think he knew how to use the console for that either. This place is pretty high priced so I found it unacceptable to be hassled with something as simple as using my card.

In the end I decided to use the pin option but the lady didn't know how to swing that too. I had to operate the console myself. She kept punching the credit card option (she should have clicked the savings account option by now). Sigh.

Oh and by now, three people were watching me encode my pin. I told them to please not do this for security reasons. Argh.

I was so annoyed by this experience that I told the manager this makes me not want to patronize this place anymore. I meant it.

For a semi-high end place, cashiers should at least know how to use their card consoles. And if they need a refresher on how to handle a debit card with a credit card feature that should be given to them as well.

I am not coming back.

And I retract the support I gave this place below.

Not happy. And I can't get over it. I hate inefficient people and methods. Especially if the transaction is so simple and supposedly idiot-proof.


Irie Gastropubliko is a new place in IT Park. And it's a must visit!

The place is dark and comfortable. It's relaxed and overall a nice place to unwind.

The Truffle Fries were divine! I dream about its crispy perfection and salty truffle flavor. Sigh! The Angus burgers were also top notch. I'll get a plain one next time though since I forgot that I don't like sweets in my main dishes and I ordered my burger with jam. Silly me.

We had their arugula with bacon and blue cheese salad, salt and vinegar chicken wings & Angus bites. It was all really good.

The only downer was we wanted to end the night with some dessert and they didn't have any on the menu.

However, in all, it's a excellent place to support. Bring your friends to keep it alive and kicking!

It's near Chicken and Beer.