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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Hate Cebu Pacific Air

Lance Gokongwei have a heart and do somehting about your airline's atrocious service.

I'm forced to travel Cebu Pac since our company has a agreement with you. But if I had my way, I would have nothing to do with your yucky and definitley not world class airline.

All three flights I've taken with you this week have been delayed. Today's was the worst since you cancelled my flight, had me book the flight on the next hour, then delayed my new flight to another hour.

I'm sure I'm by no means an important person. My life is insignificant to you. But I'm tired and I need my rest since I have to work for a living. And your constant delays are making me sick from fatigue, rage and excessive unproductiveness!!! Waiting three hours for my flight causes the mind to wander and go crazy angry and make blogs about how despicable your organization is!!!

You know what your airline is: a bully!!!

You treat your customers like crap because you know you can. Shame on you. I hope the public catches on and forces you to change your ways to better service!!!

Also please stop saying you apologize for the delays and that we should wait at the gates for further announcements. One, you are SO not sorry! You obviously don't give a flying fart. And secondly, where else will we go??? You've trapped us here!!!!!!!